Two New Campaigns: GWU and Syracuse

by on May 06, 2015

alumni1Recently, George Washington University and Syracuse University both unveiled impressive new alumni outreach campaigns centered on impressive new sites that seek to instill school pride. In October, GW unveiled the new Making History: The Campaign for GW, which aims to raise $1 billion dollars by 2021, the school’s bicentennial. The program has its own website, and the school recently updated its Facebook cover photo to reflect the new campaign. GW grads also have begun receiving solicitation mailers with testimonials written by current students. According to the site’s Vision statement, the campaign aims to help provide financial support for students, help students grow intellectually, and promote interdisciplinary research. Through a multi-pronged approach that spans traditional mailings, online material and social media, GW’s Making History effectively leverages multiple communications streams to reach alumni and promote the campaign.

Making History Site

Syracuse University recently rolled out a new outreach campaign, The Original Orange, aimed at fostering school pride and promoting different aspects of the university. The site uses images of Syracuse students pulled from the school’s archives, adding a historical element to the site that is appealing to visitors interested in school nostalgia, with a great deal of the site devoted to the school’s athletic record. Visitors can also find information on Syracuse research and historical events that occurred at the school.

Original Orange

Both outreach campaigns are well designed and reflect multi-channel ways that universities communicate with alumni, working to foster school pride and ask for funds to help with the schools’ development. Additionally, both campaigns feature best practices in contemporary web design, including responsive features that automatically update for different devices, and eye-catching images that would appeal to many alumni.

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