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Michelle Ammirati by on Aug 08, 2016

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Alumni associations have a unique opportunity to involve social media savvy graduates in a number of social media channels. Last year, Alumni Monitor highlighted the creative way that Ithaca College engages its Instagram users and multiple stakeholders in the collegiate experience by hosting takeovers with guests ranging from a seeing-eye dog to alumni in other countries. Since then, we’ve come across other alumni associations with the same idea of letting graduates take over their social media accounts. Below are three universities taking the trend further on Twitter and Snapchat:

1. Syracuse University: Working Orange Twitter 

Syracuse University’s career center runs the @WorkingOrange handle, which regularly tweets career opportunities, tips, and alumni stories and takeovers, recently featuring an alum at a CNN internship in July. The guest user kicked off the morning by highlighting his background and work experience and tweeted about his current role, sharing pictures, advice and anecdotes about current coworkers.

working orange sample tweets
Working Orange Sample Tweets

2. Emory University: Always Emory Twitter

Emory University’s Always Emory account, as the Twitter bio says, is specifically designed to shadow alumni for the day. The account employs a global approach, featuring takeovers from around the world. Recently the account followed a group of eight students in Turkey and alumnae in Istanbul and Singapore. The global takeovers offer the account a large scope and diverse set of days at work.

always emory twitter page
Always Emory Twitter Page

3. Bentley University: Snapchat

The school’s Snapchat features alumni takeovers. Combining live coverage, geofilters, and the ability to type and use emojis, alumni guests provide a number of different Snapchat stories with creative spins. To showcase alums’ stories, Bentley University took seven of the guest users’ stories and posted them in video format on YouTube. A few example snaps can be seen below.

example guest snaps
Example Guest Snaps

While these three institutions are making creative moves when it comes to guest users on social media, both Syracuse’s and Emory’s Twitter accounts do not have large followings. Syracuse does have significantly more followers than Emory, however few likes and retweets indicate a lack of engaged followers. Though we cannot publicly see how many alumni are interacting with Bentley University’s snaps, the institution has perhaps chosen the best outlet for this type of engagement. Corporate Insight’s blog on engaging young alumni on snapchat recently highlighted how providing live coverage, making things interactive and the exclusivity of geofilters make Snapchat an ideal medium for young alumni engagement. With the growing popularity of the app, alumni associations should take note of Bentley University’s guest user stories, which let current and former students stay connected with the school and their peers.

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