Study Finds Tuition Not Keeping Pace with Inflation

by on May 13, 2015

tuitionWith pressure mounting on schools to keep tuition from growing too quickly, universities are struggling to find funding. A recent survey published in Moody’s finds that tuition growth at many universities is not expected to keep pace with inflation. The report cites declining enrollment levels at many schools, and notes that 40% of private universities report that they will not increase tuition above inflation levels in the coming year. Additionally, 37% of public universities and 45% of private universities expect declining enrollments. The report goes on to explain that top level private and public institutions tend to have strong brand recognition and broader offerings for students, which can attract a larger body.

While these trends are worrying for universities, they reflect the importance of brand recognition and development efforts toward growing a university’s enrollment and offerings. Given the ever-increasing nature of students, and the reluctance of many students to take on large loans amid a tight job market, it is essential that schools reach out to their population of alumni to help supply the funding that allows them to provide innovative courses for their students.

One way universities can connect with their alumni is through outreach campaigns that make use of a social media presence to accompany site-based, email and traditional mail outreach. For example, NYU’s recent Alumni Day was promoted with a #ForeverViolet hashtag on the school’s alumni Facebook profile. The campaign includes images, videos and articles on the school’s Alumni website. By providing bright, eye-catching Facebook posts under the Alumni Day topic, the school creates engaging content that attracts alumni and generates interest in its outreach.

NYU_Alumni_ForeverVioletNYU Alumni #ForeverViolet Image

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