Social Media Contests Engage Supporters During Giving Days

Amanda Kohn by on Sep 06, 2017

In our recent brief, Creative Ways for Giving Days: New Techniques to Improve Results, Corporate Insight presents five innovative features from giving days hosted between February and April 2017. The report draws from our Alumni Monitor Updates, which track 45 colleges and universities with a wide range of endowment sizes. Here, we highlight key strategies for effective giving days and spotlight Trinity College, a leader for using Twitter to engage supporters.

In honor of Trinity Giving Day, the college launched a Twitter Trivia Contest to encourage supporters to follow the school on Twitter. The contest consisted of three trivia question posts and did not require a donation to play, allowing all supporters to participate in the festivities. All respondents who answered correctly within 15 minutes of each post were entered to win a giving day prize such as a Trinity t-shirt. Adding a timeframe for participants to answer trivia questions is a new component to a giving day contest. While the 15-minute period creates a sense of excitement and urgency, it limits the number of participants, especially because supporters may not be online or aware of the contest.

For Trinity’s Twitter contest, the questions aimed to increase online engagement, encouraging supporters to view photos, videos and other posts with the giving day’s hashtag #AllinforTrin. Even though the respondent turnout was light, a trivia contest is still an innovative feature for schools to consider when adding online engagement elements to their giving days.

Example Twitter Trivia Contest Questions

To learn more about innovative giving day features, please see our latest report, Creative Ways for Giving Days: New Techniques to Improve Results.

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