Alumni Milestones

by on Jun 12, 2018




With every graduating class, schools have a fresh opportunity to celebrate their growing ranks and loyal community. To celebrate this achievement, schools incorporate the milestone into their direct mail pieces, email, alumni websites and other forms of communication. From our review of alumni websites, common milestone celebrations include designated microsites, promotional logos, custom hashtags and contest giveaways. This brief presents five alumni milestones from schools within the Alumni Monitor coverage group as well as other universities that surpassed their 100,000 alumni mark.

Keeping alumni informed is key to fostering pride in an alma mater. When reaching a milestone, schools should embrace it as an opportunity to engage with alumni. Celebratory programs or events range considerably. Most schools position milestone information within a dedicated page or microsite as well as homepage banner images. Alumni milestone logos were the most common feature, with 80% of schools including the logo within the dedicated milestone page or microsite, social media posts or other branding efforts such as event banners. Additionally, 60% of schools hosted alumni events to honor their milestones and three schools took a step further by offering giveaways to select alums.