Northwestern Celebrates National Student Athlete Day

Amanda Kohn by on May 04, 2017

To honor current and former student-athletes, Northwestern University launched a giving challenge on April 6’s National Student-Athlete Day to support the Northwestern Wildcat Excellence Fund, the unrestricted annual fund for athletics. A total of 520 donors participated, surpassing the goal of 472.

As part of this challenge, Northwestern offered incentive gifts that increased in quality as more donors contributed. Starting with a gift of a free koozie once the donor base reached 100, thank you rewards continued to improve until reaching 472 donors, when the campaign began recognizing contributors with headphones. This innovative technique encouraged greater donor participation by rewarding all donors collectively each time a donor threshold was broken with a higher-quality gift. In this way, Northwestern provided an additional incentive for donors to get other alumni to donate—together, they could transform their gift from a stress ball to a solo cup, for example, solely through recruiting more participants.

Donor Progress Meter

With fiscal year deadlines approaching, schools are taking advantage of trends and national days, such as Giving Tuesday and International Pay It Forward Day, to garner more support. As schools plan their final push for donation requests, they should consider Northwestern’s giveaway challenge to bolster alumni participation and build excitement about taking part in donation drives. To learn more about different donor appreciation giveaways, check out our feature in the CASE blog.

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