Lookbooks Help Digitalize the Bookstore Experience

Amanda Kohn by on Dec 06, 2017

With the increased use of mobile shopping, colleges and universities are beginning to digitize their bookstores by launching lookbooks, online catalogs highlighting new or popular merchandise. For schools, this allows alumni and other supporters who do not live near campus the ability to purchase branded clothes, accessories and gifts. Lookbooks, most commonly designed by Dynalog, offer larger images than those found on traditional bookstore websites, creating a digestible experience to browse popular merchandise and engage busy customers.

With a dozen schools already partnering with Dynalog to power their lookbooks, NYU is the latest university to join the trend. The NYU catalog features four sections of merchandise—Women’s Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Children’s Apparel and Gifts and Collectibles—along with campus images. The sidebar menu allows users to print the current page and text the catalog to their phone. Hovering over each image presents a description, a larger price display and two links to zoom and view details.

NYU Lookbook Sample Pages

NYU could improve the catalog’s user experience by better integrating the bookstore website and catalog for customers to select sizes, quantities and payment details. Currently, the NYU Bookstore website appears within a pop-up window for item quantity and size selection, while another window opens for the review and payment process.

View Details Pop-Up Window (Truncated)

Digital catalogs mimic other e-commerce sites, creating a familiar user experience that helps alumni shop on the go. With the approaching holiday season, schools should consider launching lookbooks to grab supporters’ attention and showcase their school spirit at home and in class.

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