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Amanda Kohn by on Dec 13, 2017

In our recent brief, A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: A Review of Infographics in Higher Education, Corporate Insight identifies best practices from five infographics published by alumni associations. The report draws from our Alumni Monitor Updates, which track 46 colleges and universities with a wide range of endowment sizes. Here, we highlight best practices for publishing infographics and spotlight Indiana University, which excels by presenting its giving day results in a digestible infographic.

Indiana University publicized the results of its April 19 institutional giving day, IU Day, in a well-organized graphic that integrates the university colors and giving day logo, two noteworthy elements for consistent branding that are lacking in some infographics. The infographic is embedded into the IU Day microsite and social media posts well, though it requires a bit of scrolling to view it in its entirety. Otherwise, its content is straightforward as well as visually appealing and does not overwhelm the reader with too much information.

The infographic breaks down results into four main sections—IU Day at a Glance, How We Celebrated, How We Shared and How We Say “Thank You”—that showcase the global influence of supporter participation online, including the final amount raised, number of gifts and types of giving day events. In addition to this more traditional information, the infographic also presents more novel statistics, such as the day’s social media impact as well as a list of the most-watched videos from IU Day.

Indiana IU Day Infographic (Truncated)

To learn more about creative alumni infographics, please see our latest report, A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: A Review of Infographics in Higher Education. 

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