Just Twenty-Four Hours Later, But for Ohio State Campaign Results Announced

Amanda Kohn by on Oct 05, 2016


Ohio State University announced at the end of September that its seven-year But for Ohio State campaign has come to a close. Within only 24 hours, supporters learned that the campaign raised a total of $3,004,563,961 from over 750,000 donors. But for Ohio State successfully surpassed its $2.5 billion goal by 20% to support five major campaign priorities: student financial aid and programs, faculty support, campus design and infrastructure, OSU research and high-impact innovation. The campaign is the most successful fundraising push in the university’s history, and OSU believes it now holds the record for the most donors ever to contribute to a higher education campaign. The university may also hold a record for the fastest time to announce the campaign’s final results!

OSU hopes that the $3 billion raised from the capital campaign will continue to transform the university’s student experience, research endeavors and programs. A few highlights from the campaign results announced by the school include:

  • More than $520 million raised for student scholarships and support
  • Over 39,000 student scholarships granted
  • $1 billion raised for research
  • 96 endowed chairs and professorships created
  • Over 535,000 donors contributed to the Wexner Medical Center and health sciences
  • But for Ohio State donors would fill Ohio Stadium seven times

Compared to other capital campaigns, OSU excelled at announcing the final results and highlights for the seven-year fundraising initiative. Throughout the OSU website, as well as the university’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, a promotional video advertises the campaign’s results. The video features an OSU professor, faculty member, alum and student thanking donors and discussing the impact of their gifts. Additionally, the university posted news articles and even sent an alumni email with the campaign conclusion announcement within 24 hours of its completion.

Not only did OSU shatter its campaign goal, but the ability to report the final results within 24 hours is a breath of fresh air. Other schools should follow the footsteps of OSU and announce their campaign results in a timely fashion. The majority of schools may not have the same resources as OSU to report the final results within a day, but supporters should be able to learn about a capital campaign’s results within a month of its completion. More than a month after a campaign’s conclusion is an unreasonable amount of time to publicly present final results, but we have seen some campaigns announce the final results as far as three months past the campaign end date. After such an extensive fundraising period, the quick turnaround time on results rewards recent donors, especially, with the sense of instant gratification that fuels reciprocal altruistic engagement.


OSU Campaign Email with Promotional Video

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