Grabbing Alumni Attention through Hard-Copy Magazines

Amanda Kohn by on Jun 29, 2017

In our recent A New Era of Alumni Magazines: A Survey of Hard-Copy Publications brief, Corporate Insight surveys hard-copy magazines from eight coverage group schools and presents best practices for creating engaging hard-copy alumni publications in the digital age. Here, we highlight key findings on online engagement as well as spotlight the Ohio State University, a leader in the report.

All magazines covered in this report offer a digital edition, but few hard-copy publications alert readers to their online counterparts or to additional information housed online. Offering these kinds of actionable steps allows readers to continue learning about a topic or to participate in related follow-up (e.g., providing feedback or emailing an editor). Out of the eight publications we tracked, only one offers an online engagement element.

OSU provides effective call-to-action links throughout its hard-copy publication, typically directing readers to visit a website to learn more about a topic, watch a related video or submit online feedback to the magazine. Most articles provide a call-to-action link at the end and include a red icon to draw attention to the actionable step (e.g., Read More or Watch the Video). This simple addition increases online engagement and allows readers to access additional information about an article if desired.

OSU Call-to-Action Link

To learn more about alumni magazine best practices, please see our recent report, A New Era of Alumni Magazines: A Survey of Hard-Copy Publications

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