Engaging Alumni in 140 Characters or Fewer

Amanda Kohn by on Jul 05, 2017

In our recent Alumni Twitter Outreach: Engaging Alumni, 140 Characters at a Time report Corporate Insight explores the different ways colleges and universities use Twitter to reach alumni and keep them engaged with their alma mater. Here, we highlight key findings on how schools can publicize their Twitter profiles effectively, provide engaging content while maintaining an appropriate tone and leverage that content for maximum impact.

While Twitter is best known for its simple text-based tweets, images stand out in users’ busy feeds and drastically increase user engagement. The vast majority of alumni Twitter accounts (approximately 75%) regularly post images; however, only a small number of institutions, such as Florida State and Georgetown, add brands or watermarks to their images to identify the school if their image is retweeted or shared.

Georgetown Branded Image

Florida State Branded Image

Video also enhances standard tweets, especially native Twitter/Vine-based tweets, which elicit more engagement than their third-party counterparts. Boston University excelled with its alumni Twitter Vines in 2015, creating a library of more than 6,000 Vines that not only showcased the campus and the Boston area but that also promoted networking events in a less traditional format to appeal to alums interested in cutting-edge digital projects.

Boston University Vine


To learn more about alumni Twitter best practices, please see our recent report, Alumni Twitter Outreach: Engaging Alumni, 140 Characters at a Time.

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