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Three Universities Feature Guest Takeovers

Alumni associations have a unique opportunity to involve social media savvy graduates in a number of social media channels. Last year, Alumni Monitor highlighted the creative way that Ithaca College engages its Instagram users and multiple stakeholders in the collegiate experience by hosting takeovers with guests ranging from a seeing-eye dog to alumni in other […]

Engaging Young Alumni on Snapchat

As reported in the April Alumni Monitor Update, Rutgers University now offers an official Snapchat account, @RutgersU, joining a number of institutions promoting themselves with the app that has surpassed Instagram in popularity among teens. This impressive shift in popularity, according to Business Insider, can be attributed to the desire to watch mobile video, which […]

Five Alumni Associations That Nailed March Madness on Facebook

College athletics, particularly basketball and football, are a big source of pride for alumni. Large college sporting events are a great opportunity for alumni associations to galvanize their audiences, and it doesn’t get any bigger than March Madness. The 2016 NCAA basketball tournament lived up to the hype, delivering bracket-busting upsets, Cinderella runs and last-second […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Six Keys to a Great Alumni Association Facebook Page

With nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a critical part of any alumni social media marketing strategy. While every university understands that it must have an alumni presence on Facebook, many fail to optimize their pages to take advantage of the platform’s strengths. Successfully engaging alumni on Facebook begins with understanding its users. While […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Optimizing LinkedIn for Alumni Begins with University Pages

Broad reach, user-centric infrastructure and cross-promotional power position Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as foundational building blocks for any alumni social media strategy. Each of the “big three” social networks can be powerful awareness drivers, helping universities grow their online alumni communities and spread alumni- and development-focused messaging far beyond the borders of campus. Of the […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Social Media Success Still Starts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Social media is an essential component of any alumni marketing strategy, offering universities the ability to connect with alumni and engage them in a cost-efficient manner. The broad reach of social networks, coupled with the ever-improving social advertising options, enables marketers to target various alumni audiences with personalized messaging that helps build stronger relationships – […]

Kimbia-Powered Giving Days: This Single-Day Crowdfunding Platform is Helping Break Higher Ed Donor Records

Kimbia—the Texas-based online crowdsourcing technology platform—launched back in 2007 as a “one-stop shop” for online fundraising. By capitalizing on current trends in online campaigns, Kimbia seeks to engage donors across the Internet and leverage the power of social networking. Key Features of the Kimbia Platform Kimbia claims its platform is unique because it has an […]

Snapchat on Campus: Not Just for Students Any More

The social media universe keeps expanding, beyond the ground-breaking networks like Facebook and Twitter to newer communities like Instagram or Pinterest. In our research for the upcoming Alumni Monitor Report exploring colleges’ and universities’ use of Twitter, we noticed a few prominent institutions – including Boston University, Duke, Georgetown, Princeton and University of Virginia – […]