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Alumni Monitor’s Q3 2016 Campaign Tracker Review

As part of our Alumni Monitor service, Corporate Insight provides clients with a quarterly analysis of comprehensive university giving campaigns, gathered through our proprietary campaign data tracking system. The Campaign Tracker offers an in-depth view of how higher education institutions are progressing toward their stated goals and highlights the tools, outreach efforts and solicitations that […]

Fund Run: Crossing the Alumni Relations Finish Line

Building school pride, fundraising and engaging your alumni may be as easy as lacing up a pair of running shoes. On college campuses across the country, alums are joining current students in races benefiting their alma maters while cultivating a sense of community for students and alums alike. On November 22, 2015, the NYU School […]

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Kimbia-Powered Giving Days: This Single-Day Crowdfunding Platform is Helping Break Higher Ed Donor Records

Kimbia—the Texas-based online crowdsourcing technology platform—launched back in 2007 as a “one-stop shop” for online fundraising. By capitalizing on current trends in online campaigns, Kimbia seeks to engage donors across the Internet and leverage the power of social networking. Key Features of the Kimbia Platform Kimbia claims its platform is unique because it has an […]

USEED Engages Students as Powerful “Frontline” Fundraisers

Crowdfunding start-up USEED designed its platform from the ground up to meet the particular needs of colleges and universities. Unlike other recent crowdfunding platforms hitting the market, USEED focuses exclusively on educational institutions, aiming to hone in on the particular challenges and opportunities of advancement in higher education. USEED, recently named one of 2015’s 16 […]

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Brown and Wellesley Launch Massive Fundraising Campaigns Fueled by Thematic Approaches

On October 23, Brown University and Wellesley College both unveiled impressive comprehensive giving campaigns accompanied by new sites that seek to infuse the movements with a sense of community and school pride. Both campaign websites employ best practices in contemporary web design including responsive features that automatically update for different devices and eye-catching images that […]

Game Changers Campaign Shatters Fundraising Efforts in Its First Public Year

Davidson College launched a comprehensive campaign on November 15, 2014 that is centered on “game changers” – students, alumni, faculty and staff that push the limit and transform their community both domestically and internationally. In November, Davidson unveiled its Game Changers: Inspiring Leaders to Transform the World campaign, which aims to raise $425 million by […]

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Redesigning the Case for Support

An effective campaign or fundraising effort by a higher education institution stems from its case and case statement, commonly referred to as a case for support. The foundation for any development campaign of higher education institutions include these elements. Traditionally, a case is a quick, 90 second or less speech explaining why prospective donors should […]

Rutgers Campaign Concludes; University Declares It a Success

Rutgers University announced at the end of January 2015 that its seven-and-a-half-year Our Rutgers, Our Future campaign has come to a close. Throughout the Alumni Association website, as well as on the Rutgers University Foundation homepage, banners and other promotional images advertise the campaign’s results. The Our Rutgers, Our Future section of the Rutgers University […]

24 Hours of Giving: The William & Mary Way

The College of William & Mary raised more than $1.3 million from alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff on April 21, 2015 through a coordinated effort dubbed “One Tribe One Day.” In its second year, One Tribe One Day is a 24-hour period during which the school tries to inspire the whole of the […]

New Approach to Funding Student Activities? Crowdfunding, of Course!

Over the past several years, several schools tracked by Alumni Monitor have added crowdsourcing tools as a way for students and organizations to raise funds for their projects. This initiative, popular among start-up and standalone app makers for the past few years, offers the possibility of student-alumni connection and integration, alongside the power to raise […]

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