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Hark! An Alumni Email Newsletter Examined

Email correspondence can be a key driver in the relationship between colleges and their alumni, and has proven to be an effective way to disseminate information and engage users. In the current landscape, however, every seemingly worthwhile cause tries to motivate actions and generate engagement via email, making it difficult for the messages from any […]

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Rewards Programs Can Help Universities with Online Alumni Participation

What do Twitter, gift cards and Amy Schumer tickets have in common? Enterprising colleges are encouraging their alums to share social media content and complete other miscellaneous activities through rewards programs to unlock these prizes and more in cutting-edge efforts to boost alma-mater-alumni interactions over social media. Rewards programs like these improve alumni relations by […]

Face-Off: Alumni Outreach and Development – Best Practices for Facebook

Social media has grown from an afterthought to a key component in alumni outreach, offering schools a new channel to reach out to graduates. Facebook provides a flexible outlet for alumni development offices to reach university communities. The wide scope of instantly publishable content raises the question: What is the best way to reach and […]

Study Finds Tuition Not Keeping Pace with Inflation

With pressure mounting on schools to keep tuition from growing too quickly, universities are struggling to find funding. A recent survey published in Moody’s finds that tuition growth at many universities is not expected to keep pace with inflation. The report cites declining enrollment levels at many schools, and notes that 40% of private universities […]

Two New Campaigns: GWU and Syracuse

Recently, George Washington University and Syracuse University both unveiled impressive new alumni outreach campaigns centered on impressive new sites that seek to instill school pride. In October, GW unveiled the new Making History: The Campaign for GW, which aims to raise $1 billion dollars by 2021, the school’s bicentennial. The program has its own website, […]

Topics: Alumni Outreach