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Engaging Alumni through Hard-Copy Magazines

Infographics convey a large amount of data and provide overviews for university programs, initiatives and achievements. When readers scan a magazine, these visual aids can make a page stand out by incorporating school colors, logos or other recognizable features. In our recent Bringing Magazine Content to Life: A New Era of Alumni Magazines – Volume […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Six Keys to a Great Alumni Association Facebook Page

With nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a critical part of any alumni social media marketing strategy. While every university understands that it must have an alumni presence on Facebook, many fail to optimize their pages to take advantage of the platform’s strengths. Successfully engaging alumni on Facebook begins with understanding its users. While […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Optimizing LinkedIn for Alumni Begins with University Pages

Broad reach, user-centric infrastructure and cross-promotional power position Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as foundational building blocks for any alumni social media strategy. Each of the “big three” social networks can be powerful awareness drivers, helping universities grow their online alumni communities and spread alumni- and development-focused messaging far beyond the borders of campus. Of the […]