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Alumni Associations Kick Off with Bowl Season

Each year, alumni across the country rally to support their alma maters in the NCAA basketball tournament. With its dramatic upsets and buzzer beaters, March Madness is consistently one of the most exciting tournaments in collegiate sports. University alumni associations should use this opportunity to bolster support and spark engagement among their base during the […]

Alumni Associations Celebrate Halloween

With Halloween festivities in full swing, nine schools in the Alumni Monitor coverage group hosted pumpkin painting events, costume contests and other themed events. After a review of all these celebrations, four stood out for their alum engagement and creativity: 1. Babson’s Instagram Challenge In the #BabsonHalloween Instagram Contest, the school selected its favorite seasonal […]

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Dedicated Microsites Make It Easy to Find Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

In our recent Alumni Volunteerism: Transitioning into the Digital Era brief, Corporate Insight presents four best practices on alumni volunteerism, drawing from our Alumni Monitor Updates, which track 45 schools with a wide range of endowment sizes.  Here, we highlight key findings on volunteer opportunity findability as well as spotlight the Ohio State University, a […]

eduWeb Digital Summit 2016 Review

This year’s eduWeb Digital Summit conference, held in Denver, proved to be an enjoyable and insightful experience. The integration and impact of mobile and social media on branding and communication will be profound. Whether offering best practices on content marketing or introductory materials for the recent Instagram Stories feature, the higher education industry is striving […]

Inclusion, Not Solicitation: Chris Vlahos Recommends a New Approach to Alumni Outreach

In his keynote speech at the 2016 Council of Alumni Marketing and Membership Professionals (CAMMP) annual conference, Chris Vlahos, a senior consultant at fundraising consulting firm Marts & Lundy, discussed flaws in alumni associations’ traditional outreach techniques based on his experience at the Ohio State University Alumni Association and recommended a new message of value and inclusion instead.