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Alumni Monitor’s Q4 2016 Campaign Tracker Review

As part of our Alumni Monitor service, Corporate Insight provides clients with a quarterly analysis of comprehensive university giving campaigns gathered through our proprietary campaign data tracking system. The Campaign Tracker offers an in-depth view of how higher education institutions are progressing toward their stated fundraising goals and highlights the tools, outreach efforts and solicitations […]

Six Tips for a Successful Facebook Live Event

Facebook users collectively watch more than 100 million hours of video every day on the social network, including broadcasts from Facebook Live. While most every university understands that it must incorporate a multimedia element into its Facebook posts, Facebook Live has emerged as an innovative way to do so, allowing schools to live stream events, […]

Six Ideas for Engaging Alumni Using Facebook Live

Launched in April 2016, Facebook Live allows the most-used social network’s users to share up to eight hours of live video with their followers and friends. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the vast majority of these recordings come from people instead of public figures and publishers, and the number of people broadcasting live at any […]

Where Should I Allocate My Gift? Notre Dame and Ohio State University Launch Online Quizzes to Help Alumni Decide

Many alumni face the same dilemma regarding giving to their alma matter: Where to allocate their donations? Most large universities boast multiple colleges as well as various scholarships, programs and projects. An article featured in CASE Currents magazine that highlights Directed Giving argues that potential donors typically have three basic questions: Where does my gift go? How will it make a difference? and Why does the school deserve my support? While the second two questions can be difficult to answer quickly and simply, universities can more easily address the first.

Can You Hear Me Now? SoundCloud and Digital Alumni Social Networks

Even as most universities have cultivated an active presence on traditional online platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, new and different digital arenas are emerging with the potential to foster greater alumni engagement, networking and, ultimately, giving. Whether through SoundCloud or proprietary alumni platforms, Emory, NYU and OSU have recently delved further into the […]

Three Universities Feature Guest Takeovers

Alumni associations have a unique opportunity to involve social media savvy graduates in a number of social media channels. Last year, Alumni Monitor highlighted the creative way that Ithaca College engages its Instagram users and multiple stakeholders in the collegiate experience by hosting takeovers with guests ranging from a seeing-eye dog to alumni in other […]

Introducing the Alumni Monitor Online Marketplace

Alumni Monitor is excited to announce the launch of our new online marketplace, featuring research on emerging trends and new developments in the alumni relations field. The eCommerce site will allow colleges and universities with any budget to use our actionable research for more effective alumni communication and engagement. Read the news release to learn more […]

Engaging Young Alumni on Snapchat

As reported in the April Alumni Monitor Update, Rutgers University now offers an official Snapchat account, @RutgersU, joining a number of institutions promoting themselves with the app that has surpassed Instagram in popularity among teens. This impressive shift in popularity, according to Business Insider, can be attributed to the desire to watch mobile video, which […]

Five Alumni Associations That Nailed March Madness on Facebook

College athletics, particularly basketball and football, are a big source of pride for alumni. Large college sporting events are a great opportunity for alumni associations to galvanize their audiences, and it doesn’t get any bigger than March Madness. The 2016 NCAA basketball tournament lived up to the hype, delivering bracket-busting upsets, Cinderella runs and last-second […]

Alumni Marketing Playbook: Six Keys to a Great Alumni Association Facebook Page

With nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a critical part of any alumni social media marketing strategy. While every university understands that it must have an alumni presence on Facebook, many fail to optimize their pages to take advantage of the platform’s strengths. Successfully engaging alumni on Facebook begins with understanding its users. While […]