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Schools Offer Innovative Behind-the-Scenes Views of the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

As eyes around the world turned to PyeongChang for the Winter Olympics, schools took the opportunity to highlight that athletes and coaches represent not only their country but also their schools, spotlighting attending alums’ success through social media posts and articles. While most schools provided some degree of Olympic coverage with social media posts and […]

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Administrating a Successful Alumni Survey: A Case Study of Trinity College

Colleges and universities often survey alumni for feedback on events, website design and overall engagement between alumni and their alma maters. Most recently, Trinity completed a survey to help improve its alumni experience, promoted through an alumni homepage section. The survey—powered by Resonance Research—asked a series of 35 questions to understand how alumni interact with […]

Alumni Associations Spark Participation and Engagement for Valentine’s Day

Colleges and universities are continually looking for ways to spark alumni participation, and Valentine’s Day 2018 is no exception. This month, schools took advantage of the commercial holiday to connect with alumni through personal stories, to enter in sweepstakes and giveaways and to prompt participation in alumni associations. Through email, social media posts and public […]

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Alumni Monitor’s Q4 2017 Campaign Tracker Review

As part of its Alumni Monitor service, Corporate Insight publishes a quarterly analysis of comprehensive university giving campaigns gathered through our proprietary campaign data tracking system. The Campaign Tracker offers an in-depth view of how higher education institutions are progressing toward their stated fundraising goals and highlights the tools, outreach efforts and solicitations that have […]

Donate Online in a Direct, Effortless Manner

In our recent brief, Donate Now: A Look at the Online Giving Process, Corporate Insight showcases three schools’ online giving form processes from start to finish. The report draws from our Alumni Monitor Updates, which track 46 colleges and universities with a wide range of endowment sizes. Here, we highlight best practices for online giving […]

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Alumni Associations Celebrate the Holidays

With holiday festivities in full swing, 21 schools in the Alumni Monitor coverage group have produced seasonal greeting videos, hosted themed events, launched giveaways and posted holiday wishes on social media. After a review of all these celebrations, three stand out for their alum engagement and creativity: 1. Seton Hall’s Twitter Giveaways The university launched […]

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Keep Branding in Mind When Publishing Infographics

In our recent brief, A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: A Review of Infographics in Higher Education, Corporate Insight identifies best practices from five infographics published by alumni associations. The report draws from our Alumni Monitor Updates, which track 46 colleges and universities with a wide range of endowment sizes. Here, we highlight best […]

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Lookbooks Help Digitalize the Bookstore Experience

With the increased use of mobile shopping, colleges and universities are beginning to digitize their bookstores by launching lookbooks, online catalogs highlighting new or popular merchandise. For schools, this allows alumni and other supporters who do not live near campus the ability to purchase branded clothes, accessories and gifts. Lookbooks, most commonly designed by Dynalog, […]

Alumni Associations Look to Giving Tuesday to Raise Donation Participation

Since its start in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown to become a national occasion for giving back, kickstarting a time of holiday and end-of-year giving that follows longer-standing, consumer-centric events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Primarily through employing #GivingTuesday posts on social media, organizations continue to use this day to raise money, and this […]

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Alumni Associations Celebrate Halloween

With Halloween festivities in full swing, nine schools in the Alumni Monitor coverage group hosted pumpkin painting events, costume contests and other themed events. After a review of all these celebrations, four stood out for their alum engagement and creativity: 1. Babson’s Instagram Challenge In the #BabsonHalloween Instagram Contest, the school selected its favorite seasonal […]

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