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Justin Suter

Justin is an Analyst for Property & Casualty Insurance Monitor at Corporate Insight.

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Where Should I Allocate My Gift? Notre Dame and Ohio State University Launch Online Quizzes to Help Alumni Decide

Many alumni face the same dilemma regarding giving to their alma matter: Where to allocate their donations? Most large universities boast multiple colleges as well as various scholarships, programs and projects. An article featured in CASE Currents magazine that highlights Directed Giving argues that potential donors typically have three basic questions: Where does my gift go? How will it make a difference? and Why does the school deserve my support? While the second two questions can be difficult to answer quickly and simply, universities can more easily address the first.

Can You Hear Me Now? SoundCloud and Digital Alumni Social Networks

Even as most universities have cultivated an active presence on traditional online platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, new and different digital arenas are emerging with the potential to foster greater alumni engagement, networking and, ultimately, giving. Whether through SoundCloud or proprietary alumni platforms, Emory, NYU and OSU have recently delved further into the […]

Olympic Fever: Schools Showcase Their Summer Olympians

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro concluded on Sunday, August 21, capping a historic games for Team USA who captured a record-high 121 total medals. The passionate excitement for the Olympic games is a fantastic opportunity for colleges to stimulate alumni interest in their school. Among the thousands of athletes who competed in […]