Alumni Monitor

The Final Countdown: A Review of Digital Approaches to Year-End Campaigns

Posted on May 12, 2017

In this report Corporate Insight compiled information of creative digital techniques that are being (or have been) used by schools in conjunction with year-end campaigns. This report focuses on how other schools approach their fiscal year deadlines and rally alumni support. Specifically, we look at digital approaches schools have used for their year-end campaigns, including website promotions, email outreach and social media posts.

We reviewed the alumni websites and outreach methods that we track on a daily basis for Alumni Monitor, and selected primary examples to help shape creative year-end campaigns. Common techniques that schools are using (or had used in the past) include contests, gift matching challenges and crowdfunding platforms. We found that the most effective campaigns incorporate a specific theme, clever hashtag or unique name. Successful campaigns also promote their year-end push using all digital platforms: alumni website, social media accounts and alumni email.