Alumni Monitor

Hard-Copy Magazines

Posted on December 15, 2016

Magazines can be effective methods of outreach by helping schools alert alumni and supporters about recent news and upcoming events, and sparking increased donations. Content can vary from alumni, student and faculty achievements to university news, events and giving opportunities. Hard-copy magazines and their digital components can be strong, longer-form supplements to social media posts by universities and alumni associations. This report examines the hard-copy magazines available for eight schools covered by the Alumni Monitor coverage group.

We examined a diverse array of articles, features, promotions and advertisements as well as spotlights on alumni, student and faculty that tout achievements, research and experiences. While many magazines shared traditional styles and strategies, we found a number of new and noteworthy features, such as Columbia University’s accompanying magazine mobile app and social media pages. In addition to noteworthy features, we examine trends in advertisement and promotion types, distribution frequency and interactive content like quizzes or polls.