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Universities launch online quizzes to help alumni plan gift allocation

Posted on December 15, 2016

Many alumni face the same dilemma when they take out their checkbook to give their annual donation to their alma matter: Where do they allocate their donation? Most large universities include multiple colleges not to mention the various scholarships, programs and projects alumni must choose from. An article that highlights the Directed Giving strategy argues that donors typically have three basic questions: Where does my gift go? How will it make a difference? and Why does the school deserve my support? While the second two questions can be difficult to answer quickly and simply, universities can easily address the first. The University of Notre Dame is seeking to eliminate the classic “Where do I allocate my donation?” question through its new Your Notre Dame Donor Journey online quiz. The quiz— accessible from the Annual Giving section within the Supporting Notre Dame microsite—asks potential donors seven multiple choice questions in order to determine which area of support they should donate to. Participants are asked what is their favorite area on campus, Notre Dame song, Notre Dame color, campus dining hall, school mascot, break type (spring, fall or Christmas) and favorite weekend on campus (commencement, parents or football season opener).

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