Alumni Associations Celebrate the Holidays

Amanda Kohn by on Dec 20, 2017

With holiday festivities in full swing, 21 schools in the Alumni Monitor coverage group have produced seasonal greeting videos, hosted themed events, launched giveaways and posted holiday wishes on social media. After a review of all these celebrations, three stand out for their alum engagement and creativity:

1. Seton Hall’s Twitter Giveaways

The university launched two giveaways, for Santa hats and a Christmas ornament, to engage alumni and supporters on Twitter and encourage them to complete surveys, which have since closed. The university promoted the giveaways through an embedded alumni Twitter feed.


Embedded Alumni Homepage Holiday Giveaway Tweets

2. UNC-Chapel Hill’s Heeliday Cards

In honor of the holiday season, UNC-Chapel Hill released five downloadable “Heeliday” cards for alumni association members on a private site page with printing and folding instructions. The college promoted the cards through an alumni homepage banner image and posts on the alumni Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Alumni Homepage Banner Image

Sample Heeliday Card Tweet

3. UCLA’s Holiday Pictures

During the month of December, UCLA launched a holiday-themed photo album on social media to showcase school pride among alumni and encouraged alums to post and tag school-related holiday photos. The university then selected its favorite seasonal photos tagged with #BruinHolidays and featured alumni photos on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to the standard practice of having followers tag photos on the related social media platforms, UCLA Alumni also provided the option to email photos to the association, which will later upload received pictures to 

Sample Holiday Photo Tweets

Sample #BruinHolidays Instagram Photos

For additional examples of how schools celebrate the holidays, please see our blog post on how alumni associations celebrate Halloween.

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