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User Experience Research

With over 25 years of history studying the online user experience at leading Fortune 500 companies, Corporate Insight is uniquely suited to help colleges and universities shape their online presence to reach shifting alumni demographics.

Best Practice Recommendations

We track a range of the leading college and university alumni portals across different size demographics to provide our clients with an array of innovative best practices.

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Visit our marketplace for individual reports on the topics most relevant to you. Learn about alumni site design, email communication, giving day techniques, social media engagement and more.

Alumni Monitor

In-Depth Research Reports
A staple of our Monitor subscriptions across all industries that we study, our research reports analyze specific trends and tools to prospect and engage with alumni.
Campaign Tracking
Every school launches campaigns to rally donors for a specific purpose or milestone. As part of theĀ Alumni Monitor service, we track these campaigns on a quarterly basis, showing how higher education institutions advance toward their stated goals and highlighting the tools, outreach and solicitations that got them there.
Industry Scanning
Each month, the Update publication highlights all new and notable information from our coverage schools, ensuring that alumni affairs administrators stay current on new and refurbished tools, fundraisers and site designs offered by competing institutions.